Simaero and Air France have signed a long-term exclusive partnership whereby Simaero will sell unused training slots on the 10 Air France simulators located near Paris, France, Charles de Gaulle Airport, to third-party clients, for both dry leasing use and for ATO training.

Air France’s fleet of Full Flight Simulators (FFS) covers the Boeing 777 (4 FFS) and 787 (1), the Airbus A320 (2), A330 (1), and A350 (2) aircraft. This FFS fleet is highly complementary to the Simaero FFS fleet and allows Simaero to offer training on 30 FFS in total to its global customers.

All Air France FFS are already covered by Simaero ATO certificates. From license renewals, revalidations, and different courses to full-type ratings, Simaero programs are ready under EASA regulation and may be adapted to the needs of other civil aviation authorities. As for logistics, the two training centers are open 24/7 and are located very close to each other, so Simaero clients will not experience any changes in typical Simaero customer support: all accommodation deals and shuttle services are functioning in the same manner for both locations in the Paris CDG airport area.