Gemba received a Series A investment of $18 million from Parkway Venture Capital, making the virtual reality (VR) software company valued now at $60 million.

Through its proprietary Virtual Reality (VR) offering combining software, content, and service, Gemba helps global enterprises seeking to train distributed workforces across multiple sites through highly immersive learning programs, simulated factory walks, and live training events – simply by putting on a VR headset. Over the years Gemba’s VR learning platform has been used by several large corporations to train their leaders and senior workforces worldwide: Philips, Pfizer, Nike, Coca-Cola, Caterpillar, Johnson & Johnson, Dell, and Amazon to name just a few.

The investment will accelerate our growth in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and help fund its expansion into North America, where the company aims to hire people responsibly, train them and further R&D to push the boundaries of what can be done in the metaverse, establishing them in the Virtual Reality as a Service (VRaaS) corporate training space. Customers can expect an even wider choice of training simulations, tools, events and learning experiences, and in 2023 will see the introduction of colocation services, adaptable mixed reality, AI-powered consultants, and a customisable version for enterprise use at scale.