Skyborne is partnering with Wings for Warriors, a UK-based charity, to offer an annual scholarship worth £15,000 to one ex-military personnel to help with the cost of aviation training.   

Wings for Warriors provides injured, wounded, or sick servicemen and women an opportunity to undergo pilot training for a professional future. Through Wings for Warriors, ex-serviceman James Taylor is completing the ATPL Ground School with Skyborne and is likely to be awarded the full scholarship towards his training. Taylor was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma in 2020, a rare type of cancer which led to his discharge from the Royal Marines.  

“Our partnership with Wings For Warriors gives talented individuals who have served in the military the opportunity to continue pursuing a professional career,” said Lee Woodward, CEO of Skyborne. “At Skyborne, we offer several different avenues to ex-military personnel with our military conversion courses, including Fast Jet, Rotary and Multi-Engine as well as Flight Instructor conversions and Instrument Ratings. Being named as Wings For Warrior’s flight training provider of choice will allow us to supply highly-skilled pilots to the aviation industry whilst supporting a worthy charity. We wish James all the best in completing his ATPL Ground School training and taking his piloting career to the next level.”  

James Taylor, Ex-Marine and current Skyborne trainee, says: “As I entered remission, I was so pleased to hear that after a successful assessment and selection process, Wings For Warriors was able to provide financial support in conjunction with Skyborne. To think that one day, through Skyborne’s airline partnerships, I could be the captain of an airliner is amazing. For any veterans out there, that don’t know what step to take next, please get in touch with Wings for Warriors for support and advice.”