Bagira’s MAGNET system has been selected by the UK Ministry of Defence as the preferred system for the R-TES (Roundless Tactical Engagement System) tender. Under the contract, valued at approximately £13M, Bagira, supported by Babcock International, will deliver the system to the British Army during 2023 and will also include five years of support and additional options for further extensions. Bagira will manufacture and deliver the systems whilst Babcock International, their UK Partner, will provide services to support training, learning, and social value over the life of the contract.

R-TES, as part of CTTP (Collective Training Transformation Program), is a pathfinder project that will contribute to the shape of future dismounted simulation in the British Army.

MAGNET is a TES, force-on-force, training system that allows soldiers to simulate engagements without the use of blank ammunition, body harnesses, or complex communications networks, and uses a customizable ExCon (Exercise Control) system to monitor and control exercises in real time.

Deliveries valued at approximately £5,4M will take place during 2023, followed by 5 years in-service support. The overall through-life cost for this contract is anticipated to rise to a total of £13,085,246.60 should extension options and additional priced options be taken.

The British Army R-TES will be fielded for use on the L85A2/A3 (SA80) Assault Rifle, the L129A1 Sharpshooter Rifle, and L7A2 General Purpose Machine Gun initially in three garrisons across the UK.