The Loft Dynamics team is developing a virtual reality flight simulator for the Airbus H125 glass cockpit based on the Garmin G500H TXi and GTN 650Xi avionics package. The enhanced device “will be ready in mid-2023. We’re taking orders now.” Simon Von Niederhäusern, Head of Marketing, told CAT

The current device is EASA-qualified FTD Level 3, with more than 30 devices having been delivered to a wide-range of customers, including Air Greenland, Air Zermatt, Airbus Helicopters, Colorado Highland Helicopters, Helitrans Norway, Meravo, and Mountain Flyers. Key deliveries include one FTD to Airbus headquarters and another to the FAA. 

For this conference, a Varjo Aero HMD supported delegates putting the FTD though scenario paces.

Further, Airbus Helicopters and Loft are also co-developing an Airbus H145 VR Training Device. This will support the twin-engine multi-purpose aircraft.

Loft Dynamics is the former VRM Switzerland, rebranded in December to position for global expansion.