AERALIS has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based aviation decision support software specialist Aerogility, to evaluate opportunities for an aircraft service offering in the light fast jet defence market to support training and operational air support roles. The companies will work together to develop an AERALIS digital enterprise model that will aid in the development and sale of the AERALIS aircraft service and digital offering. AERALIS will access global markets and intends to deliver customer value and sales through reconfiguring fleets as part of enabling transformative flying training and operational air systems.

The MoU covers a range of Aerogility services, including developing AI-based enterprise digital decision support solutions, focussing on optimising aircraft service whole-life costs and aircraft availability. This will help shape how the design of the AERSIDE system, common Integrated Logistics Support system, spares, and trained technicians utilised across a fleet of AERALIS variants, will deliver significant benefits and maximise aircraft availability at a reduced cost.

Aerogility works with major aerospace organisations spanning both civil and defence. Its software runs intelligent ’what-if’ analysis and detailed business simulations of a company’s operational performance. Aerogility helps companies make more informed business-critical decisions, delivering higher availability, lower costs and safer operations. Aerogility’s model-based AI uses intelligent agents to represent everything from aircraft and components to facilities and personnel.

“Aerogility will utilise its innovative and proven model-based AI capabilities to simulate the dynamics of the AERALIS entry into the market and disruption of legacy service offerings with this transformational aircraft,” said Gary Vickers, CEO of Aerogility. “This is a perfect application of Aerogility’s powerful digital enterprise model technology.”

This is a further partnership in a long sequence for the British jet developer with several companies building towards the ultimate delivery of the aircraft, including Thales UK, Atkins, Siemens, Martin-Baker and Hamble Aerostructures. AERALIS has also recently signed collaborative MoU’s with Ascent Flight Training and AirTanker, marking a decisive step in the progress of the AERALIS jet’s development. The company is currently in Phase Two of a three-year contract with the Royal Air Force’s Rapid Capabilities Office, and most recently was awarded a £9m digital engineering contract from the UK Ministry of Defence to access AERALIS’ digital engineering approach.