After several months of development, Industrial Training International (ITI) has unveiled a new release to its VR Crane Simulator. Key updates include: Launcher 2.0, Enhanced User Management, Upgraded Software Update Process, Additional Admin Settings, Improved Launch Screen UX/UI, Streamlined Reporting Output, C-Hook Lifting Device (Overhead Crane Environment), Virtual Pendant Controller Option (Overhead Crane), and Quest 2 Headset with Belly Box Control Unit.

The program that configures and launches the Crane Simulator now offers improved management of users by using individual localized accounts that are secured with a password to protect each user’s progress and history.

By hooking up the VR laptop to an internet connection and starting the Crane Simulation Launcher, updates will automatically download. Once the download completes, the updates can be applied at the users’ convenience, but generally only take a few minutes to install.

With the addition of color-coded equipment icons, it’s easier to know if everything is in a “ready to launch” state. For overhead crane users, options were added to select the configuration and hardware you want to use to run the crane. Additionally, for the 75 Ton overhead crane type, a shorter warehouse environment was added that brings the bridge height from ~70 feet to ~40 feet from the floor.

To find out more details of the release, visit the ITI website.