Spirit Airlines Senior Manager Tech Ops Training, George Perrin, was recently honored with the Charles Taylor 'Master Mechanic' Award from the US Federal Aviation Administration.

(Note: Perrin will be speaking at the WATS Maintenance Training Conference on Wednesday, 19 April, on the topic ‘Next Gen Trainees and Training Methods.’)

The award is named for the first aviation mechanic in powered flight. Taylor was a key figure in building and maintaining early Wright Brothers engines and airplanes, and was instrumental in the powered flight of the Wright Flyer.

It is considered the most prestigious award to persons certificated under 14 CFR Part 65. It recognizes individuals who have exhibited exemplary aviation expertise, distinguished professionalism, and steadfast commitment for at least 50 years or more of aviation maintenance experience.

Perrin’s aviation repair time started in the early 1970s as he entered an A&P program for high school. He has been an A&P, an IA – the youngest in the state of Michigan, Lead, Manager and Director of Maintenance. His career fields range from general aviation, cargo, corporate, passenger, air ambulance, repair station, and airlines.

“I truly enjoy each and every day I work in this industry,” Perrin commented. “Why? Because airplanes are something I will never grow tired of.”