Heading365 (Booth 617) has been working intensively on its new Boeing 777 FMS trainer application for the last 14 months and are presenting it for the first time at WATS, at booth #617. It is the company’s first FMS trainer for the Boeing family.

Customers can adapt the app to their needs, so that they find exactly the same presentation as in their full-flight simulator or the real aircraft. Negative learning due to discrepancies in the training software and the real FMS are thus a thing of the past.

Trainees master the FMS excellently even before the first full-flight simulator session, thus saving valuable and expensive simulator time. Additional sessions that mess up the entire schedule are now a distant memory. This is achieved by the guided tour, where the pilot is autonomously guided through a full FMS setup. If mistakes are made, the system explains to the student how to do it correctly.

To learn more, visit Heading365 during WATS from 18-20 April in Orlando, Florida.