Transylvania Wings, the Romanian flight training school based in Brasov, has purchased an en‐1000x FNPT II simulator to add it to their fleet.

The unit purchased features SEP Simple G1000 and MEP G1000 configurations, to help the students with a better transition to the real aircraft.  It will be installed with a 3TV Visual system to reduce the footprint of the device. As additional options, this new device will include two Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) devices to protect the simulator in case of a power failure.

The device is expected to be installed in the upcoming months in their base in Ghimbav, Romania.

Bogdan Ioan Hiticas, Simulator Manager for Transylvania Wings: “The certified simulator is a project Transylvania Wings has been carefully considering for the better of the last year. It represent a core training equipment in the process of bringing the flight school students to the standard of training airlines and other commercial aviation operators expect from pilot license holders.”