An independent TEEX-Tested report has evaluated the effectiveness of FLAIM Systems’ lead product, the FLAIM Trainer, to provide training and acquisition decision makers with information regarding the product’s operational performance.

FLAIM Trainer is the first fully immersive virtual firefighting training system, delivering a safe and cost-effective way to replicate the stress and uncertainty of real-world situations to better prepare the firefighter community to respond.

TEEX-Tested reports provide unbiased and thorough assessments of products based on first-responder technologies and are generated by the emergency response training organization, the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) Testing & Innovation Center (TT&IC).

The report concluded that the FLAIM Trainer performs as designed, can offer training and ongoing education to the firefighter community, and provides a valid medium for conducting training while allowing safe conditions where live training is otherwise too hazardous, costly, or hard to access.