Qualtero (formerly Britannica Knowledge Systems), has released its latest product: an Evaluation & Qualification Management solution (EQMS) for airlines.

Qualtero EQMS, the latest solution, will help airlines easily manage qualifications and conduct evaluation sessions. The solution will include prebuilt content and advanced built-in analytical capabilities that will help aviation organizations create standards for evaluation and enable powerful decision-making, enabling quick onboarding and go-live times.

Qualtero recently changed its name from Britannica Knowledge Systems. The name change reflects the company’s commitment to its mission of qualification training, evaluation, and resource optimization.

“We are excited to launch this groundbreaking and ready-to-use product that will enable aviation organizations to quickly enhance their grading, evaluation, and analytics,” said Yuval Sive, VP Sales and Marketing at Qualtero. “This product will transform our customers’ qualification and grading experience.”