Training Solutions for Aviation Training Professionals

The 19th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium

29-30 August 2023 • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Imagine a world where pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance engineers can learn and develop their skills in the comfort of their homes. No more long commutes to training facilities or expensive equipment purchases required to simulate scenarios.

This, according to Fatah Hashim, is the future of digital learning in the aviation industry.

Fatah is a Digital Learning Manager at Asia Digital Engineering (ADE) in Malaysia. He will use his presentation at APATS 2023, Live in Singapore, to explain how his company embarked on a digital transformation and the benefits gained by introducing automation to their existing learning processes.

Fatah will explain how ADE improved staff efficiency and productivity through the usage of technology, saving time and costs which enabled the usage of data to personalize KPIs, learning outcomes, or even the preparation for future work, resulting in better resources and greater agility for the employer and employees.

But is this transferable at your airline or ATO? Fatah believes so and will detail specific ideas and tools that you can take away and employ in your workplace.

Fatah Hashim Digital Learning APATS 2023He argues that by acquiring knowledge or skills in a particular subject using suitable technology or platforms, digital learning gives staff some control over time, place, path, or pace. It also enables knowledge transfer or sharing through bite-sized learning and can immerse learners into the knowledge and bring it to life through VR/AR.

However, implementing digital learning is not without issues. Investment in easy-to-use digital learning authoring tools, ensuring the right Learning Management System is in place, ensuring content integrity, getting approvals from authority, and seamless knowledge transfer between subject matter experts and learners must all be considered.

Fatah is convinced: The future of aviation training is here, and it’s digital!

Fatah's presentation is just one example of how the 2023 APATS Conference will provide you with practical solutions for your day-to-day challenges. To plan your visit to APATS 2023, live in Singapore, have a look through the full schedule of speakers at Marina Bay Sands here.

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