Training Solutions for Aviation Training Professionals

The 19th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium

29-30 August 2023 • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Imagine being able to condense a one-day cabin crew training course into less than an hour? Think about the learning capabilities, the cost saving, the amount of trainees you could tutor. Well, imagine no more. APATS 2023 Speaker Trevor Dale is going to use his presentation to talk you through "Time, Sequence, Learning".

This innovative neuroscience-based application and methodology engages with the user's long-term memory to produce learning outcomes in shorter lessons than traditional classroom-based training or more typical e-learning.

The scientific background has been validated in peer-reviewed research papers and relies on timed training inputs and deliberate brain distraction activities. Furthermore, research at Surrey University Business School has compared the method against traditional training in a learning tournament using 600 graduates. The results were truly astonishing. The methods are not purely applicable to safety and emergency procedure training but can be utilised across the spectrum of cabin crew training.

Trevor explains more about the concept in conversation with 2023 APATS Cabin Crew Conference Moderator Trevor Jensen below.

APATS 2023 is packed full of insightful presentations, like Trevor's to help you with the day-to-day challenges of training in aviation. 

Look through our Cabin Crew, Pilot and Maintenance conference program schedules and plan your visit to Singapore and the iconic Marina Bay Sands here.

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