Romanian full-service charter airline, Carpatair, has ordered a Simnest A320 Lite ATD, becoming Simnest Aviation's first airline customer. The purchased device, which is the simplified version of the Simnest’s flagship product, the A320 FNPT II MCC simulator, gives Carpatair's future pilots the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the operation and behaviour of the Airbus A320 before their type rating training.

Although Simnest Aviation is best known in the aviation industry for its high-fidelity Airbus A320 FNPT II MCC simulator, developed and manufactured in-house, the research and development-focused company has recently launched the simplified model of its flagship product, the Simnest A320 Lite, in response to market demand.

Despite the word "Lite" in its name, every instrument and even the OEM side stick is the same as in its "big brother", what is more, the same software ensures its operation as well. Thanks to the unchanged main elements, the cadets can experience the realistic behaviour of the Airbus A320 in the same high-fidelity environment.

There are three main differences between the two Simnest devices. The Lite version does not have an enclosed cockpit and instructor's box, and the visual system contains either an ultra-wide or two smaller displays. Last but not least, the price is what distinguishes the A320 Lite from the A320 FNPT II MCC, which is a factor of paramount importance to owners and management.

As Carpatair was looking for a tool to prepare its future pilots for type rating training and to provide them with procedural training, it was a perfect coincidence that the Simnest A320 Lite was launched at the same time. “One of the keys to our success lies in tailor-made solutions, and Simnest Aviation has a very similarly mindset. During the negotiations they were very flexible and tried to meet all our needs, so instead of a boxed product, we were able to get a custom-made device.”, said Nicolae Petrov, President and CEO of Carpatair.