Training Solutions for Aviation Training Professionals

The 19th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium

29-30 August 2023 • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


The incredibly positive news about Asia Pacific traffic numbers only emphasizes the importance of APATS 2023 as the industry works together to tackle the issues that arise from such a rapid expansion.

We head to Singapore for the first live in-person APATS following three years of virtual conferences, with regional traffic up almost 157% compared to May 2022, with a healthy load factor increase of 6.4% to 80%. Overall, the Asia Pacific region is now expected to hit 2019 numbers in late 2023, or early 2024, a significant improvement on past estimates of end 2024. 

Retraining Pilots, Cabin Crew, and Technicians, and replacing those who have definitively left the industry brings its challenges. We will discuss those hot topics during the conference and have assembled a global panel of experts to do so.

In the Pilot stream, we will discuss EBT, CBTA, Ab Initio, UPRT and the human elements, such as mental health. And, of course, using the latest technology, such as XR and AI, is a key part of the agenda in Singapore.

The maintenance area is probably even more under pressure than the pilot group. The shortage of qualified technicians is made more problematic by the length of time it takes to train in this sector. So maintenance faces the twin task of tackling the immediate shortage and adopting new training tools and methods to improve the whole training journey. And the specific mental health issues of staff in this sector, all of this will be discussed in our maintenance stream.

Cabin crew share several issues with their colleagues from the cockpit and maintenance sectors but have their own problems. Selection and recruitment is a common issue, while crew wellness is also a topic of concern that will be discussed in depth. CBTA and EBT are making an entry into Cabin Crew training now, but not everyone is on the same level of understanding. Our experts will be available in Singapore to answer all your questions.

Given the rapid expansion and its associated issues, this is an ideal moment to take two days away from the office and join your colleagues to discover the latest goods and services for the training industry, listen to the international speakers that will join us and, most importantly, discuss and network with all attendees who share the same goal: improve safety through better training.