A32 Simulator Center has acquired its third Simnest Airbus A320 FNPT II APS MCC simulator within three years. As with the previous two, training on the new device will be provided by the Simnest Pilot Academy. The new Simnest simulator, which was certified by the authorities in the 2nd week of July, will be used for APS MCC training of Wizz Air students.

From the point of view of future Wizz Air pilots, the biggest advantage of the Simnest Airbus A320 FNPT II APS MCC simulator is that it reproduces the characteristics of the Airbus A320 aircraft as perfectly as possible in its design, equipment and behavior. This is extremely important, because on the one hand it allows APS MCC training to be conducted on Simnest simulators. Of all the courses currently available, this provides students with most of the knowledge and competencies that are becoming a fundamental requirement in the recruitment process for an increasing number of airlines. As a result, the APS MCC greatly increases the cadets' chances of finding employment with commercial airlines.

The fully life-like design is also vital in the training of commercial pilots because it helps cadets to develop their muscle memory properly to know instantly what movements to make with their limbs without conscious effort, even in sharp situations.

"Going from a piston aircraft to a jet airliner is a huge leap. Not only do the students have to get used to the much higher speeds, the peculiarities of flying at high altitudes, the very different behaviour of the aircraft or the fly-by-wire technology of Airbus aircraft, but they also have to learn to interact with a crew of several people,” expressed Gyula Kühtreiber, Managing Director of Simnest Pilot Academy. “When learning such an extremely complex activity, it makes a crucial difference whether a button, a switch is in the same place or the same force must be exerted during their use in the simulator as in the real aircraft. Therefore, similar is not enough for us, which is why we are delighted to have another Simnest Airbus A320 in our fleet, as this simulator is identical to the Airbus A320 in every detail. This allows us to support the career of future Wizz Air pilots with the best possible equipment and service."

The first training sessions will take place in a few days, and from September this year, Wizz Air pilots will also be able to complete their APS MCC course on the new Simnest simulator.