Captain Michael Varney (one of the founders of EBT and CEO at Salient), is part of a group of industry experts who have collaborated on a comprehensive whitepaper titled "Bolstering Safety and Resilience with an AI-Based Pilot Training Technology" that calls for the implementation of Simulated ATC Environment SATCE (pronounced ‘sat-see’). Halldale is hosting the white paper, which is freely available for download [here]. 

SATCE, also referred to as the 'missing link' and the 'next evolution' in flight simulation, utilizes AI-based technology to greatly enhance fidelity by automatically simulating traffic and air traffic control (ATC) during scenario-based flight training. Currently, these aspects are absent or poorly simulated, which is a widely-recognized gap and training deficit.

The call for mandatory adoption via a pathway is also timely, considering recent incidents in the United States and globally, as well as the renewed emphasis on runway safety. By promoting the accelerated implementation of this immersive technology, which delivers particularly valuable training for operations on or near airports, the industry aims to significantly enhance pilot training, build resilience, and bolster aviation safety.

Varney sat down with APATS and EATS Conference Chair Jacques Drappier to discuss why the time for SATCE is now.