Astrom Training Solutions has introduced the latest addition to its CBT lineup: the VR SOP Trainer. This product is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of virtual reality (VR) glasses available in the market today. Through its immersive cockpit environment, featuring high-fidelity virtual cockpit 3D models and interactive controls, pilots can now effortlessly master SOPs and emergency protocols across different roles.

With the VR SOP Trainer, pilots will be able to experience:

Immersive and Portable Cockpit Experience in Virtual Reality: Pilots can practice SOPs and handle abnormal procedures in a fully immersive and lifelike training environment. This realism ensures a comprehensive and captivating learning experience.

CRM Skills Enhancement through Multi-User Training: Emphasizing teamwork and communication, the solution supports multiple users simultaneously, facilitating collaborative training sessions that strengthen Crew Resource Management (CRM) skills. Pilots can practice effective coordination within a secure virtual setting, fostering a culture of excellence.

Workflow Familiarization and Muscle Memory Development: With the Astrom VR SOP Trainer, pilots can intimately acquaint themselves with cockpit controls, learn industry-standard workflows, and hone their muscle memory for precise SOP execution. By actively engaging with the virtual environment, pilots develop essential spatial awareness and operational proficiency.

Upcoming Integrations: Astrom is continuously innovating.  The company is currently developing new features to integrate with Astrom’s Galaxy TMS, providing enhanced capabilities.  Additionally, its VR SOP Trainer will be seamlessly integrated with an FMS platform, further enriching the training experience.