The US Air Force Security Forces Center has selected InVeris Training Solutions as the preferred manufacturer for virtual simulations training systems. Its FATS 100MIL is tailored to serve the needs of both military personnel and security training, and it surpasses all of the AFI 36-2654, Combat Arms Program training requirements. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone as the company has now successfully collaborated with all branches of the U.S. Military.

The FATS 100MIL, equipped with U.S. Air Force courseware, is currently utilized by the U.S. Marine Corps (ISMT), U.S. Army (EST ll), U.S. Navy virtual simulation programs, and multiple allied militaries across the globe. InVeris aims to enhance military readiness through Marksmanship, Use of Force, and collective training within a virtual battleground with the FATS 100MIL.

The FATS 100MIL surpasses the stringent AFI 36-2654 Combat Arms Program training requirements, establishing itself as the sole system that comprehensively meets the exacting Air Force firearms simulator standards. The system's expandability further enables seamless integration of new virtual reality and augmented reality trainers crafted by InVeris Training Solutions. The company’s systems not only cater to combat arms and sustainment training, but also fulfill the prerequisites of the Ready Airmen Training program and the essential Shoot, Move, and Communicate training.