In order to provide accurate feedback to instructors during Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) or other training involving manual flying skills, the UPRight IOS tool has been incorporated by Simaero into their Airbus A330/A340 convertible simulator. The FSTD was built by Thomson-CSF in 1992.

The simulator acceptance was carried out by Subject Matter Expert pilot Captain Gilles Demarque de Rieux, co- founder of Train-by-Wire I TBW consultancy. “UPRight clearly tells the instructor when the simulator is within its acceptable limits, or is out of bounds. Even more importantly, it flags inappropriate control inputs of the pilot in an intelligent manner.”

Dr. Sunjoo Advani, the President of IDT, also adds: “The privilege of working with quality-oriented organisations like Simaero and Train-by-Wire fits our portfolio. Our aim is to create a positive, valuable and retainable learning experience for pilots through teaching the physics of the airplane, as well as the psychological challenges posed to pilots during these extremely rare events. It is crucial that the training program is properly designed, and the instructor properly qualified. Of equal importance is the proper utilisation of the simulator as the training tool for teaching manual flying skills.”

Simaero is a provider of Full Flight Simulator (FFS) operations and pilot training worldwide, with four local subsidiaries in France, South Africa, China, and India. The Simaero Paris Training Center is located close to Roissy CDG airport and offers training solutions on eight simulators covering the Airbus A320, A330, A340, Boeing B737 CL, B737 NG, B757, B767, ATR 72-500 and ATR 72-600.

Train-by-Wire I TBW is an aviation consultancy headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, and with bases in Brussels, Madrid and Paris, and is specialised in training pilots, instructors, cabin crew and ground staff. Areas of specialisation include Human Factors for all high-risk industries and pilot competencies.

International Development of Technology b.v. is located in Breda, the Netherlands, and is a provider of specialised services including UPRT. The company has played a role in the formation of UPRT requirements globally. IDT recently established a collaboration with Starr Insurance Companies and provides UPRT and/or its new “Final Approach Standardisation Training” (FAST) product to over 40 airlines. Its UPRight tool can be connected with virtually any FSTD, as long as a data output is provided by the simulator owner.