On the opening day of APATS 2023, live in Singapore, ATR announced its 72-600 Full Flight Simulator has been awarded JCAB certification. This decision by the Japanese Civil Aviation Authority enables ATR to better serve their Japanese customers, offering additional capability to train pilots.

This certification enables ATR to offer additional training capabilities to current and future Japanese customers, closer to their own operations. The process to obtain the initial certificate for Singapore’s ATR-600 FFS from the Japanese authorities took approximately 10 months. ATR's dossier, including both administrative and technical data, has been thoroughly assessed, and 30 hours of simulator sessions were conducted, during which tests were performed to showcase the simulator’s capabilities.

Full Flight Simulators (FFS) have become an indispensable tool in pilot training, providing an immersive experience that replicates actual flight conditions and aircraft behaviours. Motion and vibration effects, realistic visuals and sound effects are used to mimic actual flights, making it a cost-effective training solution – reducing the need for expensive flight hours on actual aircraft – and improving safety.