Every year in the U.S. over 340 million workers suffer a workplace injury: slips and falls, strains and sprains, vehicle collisions and crashes. Voxel, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup using computer vision to transform safety and operations in the workplace, has concluded a $12 million strategic funding round to improve workplace safety and save lives. The strategic funding round was led by global manufacturing provider Rite-Hite with participation from existing investors Eclipse Ventures and World Innovation Lab. This takes total funds raised to $30 million since 2020.

Voxel integrates computer vision technology into existing security cameras to identify hazards, risky behaviors, and operational inefficiencies across a diverse range of workplaces. Once potential risks, such as near-miss vehicle collisions, blocked exits, improper ergonomics, or spills are identified, a real-time alert is sent to on-site personnel who can take immediate action. Voxel's analytics help sites identify operational inefficiencies and design policies to prevent future issues. These proactive measures allow businesses to significantly reduce worker’s compensation and general liability costs, while improving their operations.

Voxel has had a transformative impact for their strategic partners’ operations, reporting up to an 80% reduction in workplace injuries and substantially improving operational efficiency. Fortune 500 firms like Michael’s, Dollar Tree, Clorox, PPG Industries, Office Depot, and many others are already seeing the benefits of Voxel’s platform.

Alex Senemar, CEO and co-founder of Voxel commented: “AI is saving lives. We’ve proven that our technology has made great strides toward reducing injuries and saving lives. Our approach is going to create worksites where employers don't have to bargain between meeting safety standards and meeting their productivity goals. The future of work is not just about doing more, but doing it safer in an environment fit for purpose”.

Since the company’s series A funding round in April 2022, the team has grown from 10 people to over 50 employees who have joined from established industry firms Samsara and Verkada to big tech Google, Apple, and Uber. Voxel has also been featured in the Fast Company magazine’s Most Innovative Companies list. Voxel has also been awarded best B2B Tech Tool of 2023 by Products That Count.

Voxel’s team is led by CEO Alex Senemar, who previously co-founded Sherbit, an AI-powered remote health monitoring system for hospitals (acquired in 2018) as well as co-founders, CTO Anurag Kanungo, who co-founded Sherbit with Senemar, and led the Machine Learning Systems Team at Uber’s Self Driving Unit; Harishma Dayanidhi, who developed self-driving car technology at Uber and Aurora; and Troy Carlson, former software engineer at Google.