Quantum3D has successfully installed an Image Generator System for a prominent developer of an Advanced Air Mobility eVTOL vehicle company in the United States.

For 26 years, Quantum3D has been providing advanced training and simulation technologies to a wide spectrum of industries, including military, space travel, air ambulance, search and rescue, aerial firefighting, and commercial aviation. For the past few years, the company has been actively developing specialized tools aimed at enhancing the Advance Air Mobility eVTOL (AAM/UAM) industry, leveraging its background in simulation and training.

Quantum3D has recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully installing its image generator software MANTIS and Independence IDX-9000 hardware system in collaboration with a highly esteemed eVTOL company. Able to meet or exceed the requirements of virtually any image generation application, IDX 9000 provides a solution for any simulation system: fixed-wing, rotary-wing, eVTOL, and more.

The IDX 9000 IG System will integrate with a 5-channel dome display and projection system, providing a comprehensive platform for training eVTOL pilots in aircraft handling qualities and essential training scenarios.

Quantum3D is currently engaged in two related projects. The company is developing high-resolution, high-fidelity 3D models for eVTOL aircraft, urban areas, critical landmarks and vertiports in California to be used as training environments. Additionally, Quantum3D is collaborating with another leading air mobility manufacturer to develop a new eVTOL flight simulator.