Orbit Groundschool, a Dutch-based flight training organisation, has entered a cooperation with TFC Kaufer from Germany to secure long-term dry lease simulator capacity to extend and expand its future airline training capabilities. The new agreement includes the lease usage of B737 and A320 FTDs and associated facilities, thereby Orbit Groundschool is now able to provide all training independently to its B2C customers and B2B airline clients.

For simulator training such as MCC/JOC, the new EASA Enhanced MCC or APS MCC, and the new MPL course, the facilities at TFC Kaufer will be used. All preliminary ground training will be offered at Orbit in Arnhem in its climate controlled classrooms. Both ground- and simulator training will be provided by Orbit Groundschool’s own airline instructors.

Entering this cooperation and agreement allows Orbit Groundschool to support many other (3rd party) training needs, combined with training for the EASA ATPL theory.

“This agreement will not only expand our training programs product range and increase our training capacity, but also add a number of new and very innovative alternative options to the way we train,” said Orbit’s Head of Flight Crew Training Captain Robert Verkroost.

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