The first C172 Simulator Flight Skills Competition of the Flight Technology Branch of the Aviation Society of China was successfully held at the Civil Aviation Flight University of China. The competition is open to flight cadets from Part 141 flight schools and flight training organizations across the country, aiming at selecting outstanding pilots and stimulating new vitality for the development of civil aviation flight technology in China. A total of seven teams from all over the country were brought together in the competition, and after fierce competition, the Suining Branch and Guanghan Branch of China Flying Academy won the first prize.

The competition is centered on the specific requirements of Competency Based Training Assessment (CBTA) put forward by the Civil Aviation Flight University of China to deepen the flight training reform, focusing on the basic piloting skills at the initial flight training stage, and using the C172 flight training device (FTD) to carry out the flight skills competition. The successful holding of the competition has achieved the effect of promoting training through competition, stimulated the flight cadets' passion for the pilot profession, and enhanced the initial flight training institution's emphasis on the training of basic flying skills.

The C172 FTD used in this competition is independently developed and produced by U-Wing Simulation, a supplier of flight training devices, which has the characteristics of a higher degree of simulation, stronger reliability, better training efficiency and lower life cycle cost, providing competitive devices and flight experience for the participants. As the provider of the competition devices, U-Wing Simulation provided a full range of technology support and service support during the preparation and organization of the competition. 

"The precise control loading system and highly simulated avionics system of this flight training device are impressive, and the view is more realistic and clearer, which is especially suitable for the low altitude visual flight of the pilot of the general aviation, which is very helpful for us to improve our flight skills and training efficiency," the contestant from Guanghan Branch said after the competition.

As an enterprise in China's independent research and development of flight training devices, the quality, stable performance, technology and efficient service of its products have played an important role in guaranteeing the success of the competition. In the future, U-Wing Simulation will continue to lead the innovation and development of the aviation simulation industry, provide advanced aviation simulation solutions for civil aviation flight training, and continue to help the high-quality development of the aviation training industry.

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