SIMETRI, Inc., will showcase their Multi-Modal Medical Training System (M3TS) at this year’s I/ITSEC conference in Orlando, Florida. M3TS, a Care Under Fire (CUF) and point-of-injury training system, integrates augmented reality and haptic technologies providing true haptic feedback through instrumented medical devices. Guests can get up close and personal with key technologies used in the system through demonstration in the U.S. Army DEVCOM Soldier Center’s Booth #3449.

SIMETRI integrates embedded processing and sensors with actual medical devices to bridge training gaps.

“During initial design and development, we found that the state-of-the-art in VR/AR failed to train and develop the fine motor skills needed to use a variety of medical instruments and devices,” said Ed Stadler, SIMETRI’s Vice President of Engineering. “We shifted our focus to ensure we were not creating negative training for critical medical procedures and devices. This meant utilizing the actual devices in a mixed reality environment. Key to this approach was s data identification, not just the obvious data associated with a specific device, but what derived data may be useful in other parts of the simulation or during After Action Review.”

SIMETRI has been refining Pressure Limited Training Tourniquet (Pat Pending) to reduce the size, harden the sensors and on-board processing, as well as several other medical devices and procedural environments.

“Our open interface approach allowed us to quickly adapt and integrate with two other industry partners in support of the recent Soldier Touch Point 6 (STP6) event at the National Training Center (NTC),” said Angela Alban, founder, and CEO of SIMETRI, Inc. 

This integration will be demonstrated at the U.S. Army DEVCOM Soldier Center’s Booth (#3449) where SIMETRI’s Pressure Limited Training Tourniquet (PLTT) and Bleeding Moulage Module will interact with UCF’s Trigger Detection Module and Raytheon’s CASTLE system. This work highlights SIMETRI’s capabilities in developing embedded processing and sensors which have limitless applications.

SIMETRI is CMMI certified and offers engineering capabilities across disciplines. Although the company is known for their medical training devices, it also has extensive experience in mechanical, microelectronics, and custom sensor development and integration.

I/ITSEC attendees can find SIMETRI and M3TS-related devices on the exhibit floor in booth #2008.

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