Recently, U-Wing Simulation delivered a DA40/42 specific&convertible Level 5 flight training device (FTD) to Hainan HAN CHEN Flight Training Co., Ltd. (HAN CHEN). Following successful acceptance, the device is now officially in operation, providing robust support for flight training at HAN CHEN and contributing to elevated training quality.

The delivered device has been independently developed and manufactured by U-Wing Simulation. The device adheres to CCAR-60 Part Level 5 FTD certification requirements and aligns with the certification standards of FAA FTD Level 5 and EASA FNPT II. The device achieves a faithful 1:1 reproduction of the cockpit environment, enabling seamless interchangeability between DA40 and DA42 models. Featuring the latest G1000 NXi avionics simulation system, coupled with an extensive Instructor Operating System (IOS) and the VSV visual system tailored for low-altitude visual flight, the device delivers a heightened immersive experience and training effects to students, effectively enhancing the efficiency of flight training at the flight school.

"The introduction and operation of this DA40/42 specific&convertible Level 5 FTD have brought an unparalleled training experience, significantly elevating the flight training capabilities of our flight school. Furthermore, U-Wing Simulation's devices exhibit distinct advantages regarding stability, functional completeness, and quality details. From the perspective of the device's entire life-cycle, it has substantially reduced our training costs," said the head of HAN CHEN.

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