Quantum3D, based in Silicon Valley, California, and Orlando, Florida, has released the new version of MANTIS Image and Sensor Generation Software at I/ITSEC 2023 in Orlando. The company believes this software release marks a significant advancement in simulation technology, showcasing Quantum3D's commitment to providing solutions for immersive pilot training experiences.

To boost overall system performance, Quantum3D has implemented support for the GL_OVR_multiview OpenGL extension. This integration yields optimizations, particularly for single-GPU setups, offering significant advantages when operating with the mixed reality headset in Quad View mode. In Quad View, where maximum resolution is essential, the scene traditionally required rendering four times over. With the incorporation of the GL_OVR_multiview extension, a single rendering pass suffices, and the GPU efficiency manages rendering for each of the four views.

Previously, achieving a genuine 90fps operation for seamless, stutter-free visuals—critical, especially in applications like pilot training—mandated dual GPU configurations utilizing NVIDIA VR SLI. However, with the absence of VR SLI support on the latest RTX 40XX GPUs, there emerged a gap in performance optimization. Quantum3D’s technology solution bridges this gap by combining the heightened capabilities of the latest GPUs with the GL_OVR_multiview optimizations within MANTIS. As a result, a singular RTX4090 PC now outpaces the performance of a dual RTX3090 configuration. This development not only streamlines hardware requirements but also elevates the overall MR/VR experience.

Explore Quantum3D's solutions at I/ITSEC 2023, booth #1760. 

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