Spatial computing company, Hadean, and AI solutions provider, Faculty AI, have agreed to team up and accelerate the advancement of AI integrations for defence, security, and national or international governance. The companies believe their collaboration marks a significant milestone in harnessing the power of live and synthetic data to propel innovation and support the global customer base with new offerings.

The agreement aims to leverage expertise in developing AI-driven solutions, and AI-powered spatial computing technology to exploit synergies and develop tailored capabilities. As Open AI’s first implementation partner, Faculty AI will bring experience in helping organisations across industries deliver AI solutions, while Hadean will contribute a track record in enabling defence organisations, including the UK Ministry of Defence and the British Army, to orchestrate systems and technologies at scale.

The partnership will combine Faculty’s experience of developing and deploying AI models onto UAVs and other edge devices with the Hadean Platform to leverage on a large-scale synthetic environment that can simulate immersive and complex scenarios. The partnership will also aid the development of novel AI models, capitalising on synthetic data generated across different sources, and addressing challenges associated with limited real-world data for training, and test and evaluation of systems and technologies.

It will enable the rapid validation of algorithms and allow the delivery of fit-for-purpose prototype technologies, at the speed of relevance, for addressing critical challenges including subject identification, tracking object movement, and exploring autonomous swarming development, deployment and operations.

Head of Defence at Faculty, Andrew Van Der Lem, said: "AI is an epoch-defining technology - and it is now set to revolutionise productivity and decision making in National Security and Defence. From autonomous systems to processing electronic signals, AI will help the UK operate quicker and more intelligently than our adversaries. This partnership between two industry leaders will offer new services to public and private sector clients, whilst fundamentally rethinking how AI can impact operations."

Reflecting a wider movement of collaboration between disruptive SMEs with trusted domain-specific knowledge, the team aims to influence the future landscape of AI-driven technology and foster innovation that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of defence and national security.

To learn more, visit Hadean at booth #1954 during I/ITSEC, the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training event.

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