The Pentagon posted its overview of the recent efforts to strengthen US-Sweden defense relationships. This agreement is most timely and appropriate, as it “formalizes” the disparate activities that have been jointly occurring across the two nations’ defense enterprises for a number of years. Of special interest to MS&T is the quick pace of activities in the expansive simulation and training space.

The author initially reflects on the recent 2023 I/ITSEC which saw Swedish industry prowess on display with the likes of Saab and Pitch Technologies well represented in companies’ ecosystems across the warfare domains.

Moving into the live training domain, Sweden’s military forces have moved beyond participation, increasingly assuming the mantle of leadership in bi-lateral- and multi-lateral events, with BALTOPS 22 of particular interest.

MS&T looks forward to following and commenting on Sweden’s increasing presence in the S&T sector, with and beyond its engagement with the US through this formal construct.