Flint Systems has recently formed a partnership with Reality Check Studios (RCS), an XR industrial training and education company based in the United Kingdom. This strategic collaboration aims to introduce Flint Systems’ products, with a primary focus on the VR forklift simulator, to clients across the United Kingdom.

As part of this partnership, Reality Check Studios will showcase Flint Systems’ products at their Yorkshire-based showcase center. This dedicated space will serve as a showroom for various VR solutions, including Flint Systems’ simulators, enabling customers and visitors to directly experience the capabilities of the VR forklift simulator.

To kick off this collaboration, RCS is planning the inaugural VR forklift simulator demonstration, scheduled to take place late December 2023 to a number of Industrial clients. This event will provide an opportunity for industry professionals, potential clients, and the public to witness the advanced features and functionality of Flint Systems’ VR forklift simulator firsthand.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the partnership, Leszek Tarnawski, president of the board at Flint Systems, stated: “This partnership marks a significant step in expanding our presence in the United Kingdom, and we believe that the VR forklift simulator, presented in their showroom, will greatly benefit our clients and contribute to the growth of both companies.”

Martin Taylor, CCO of Reality Check Studios added on the partnership, “As leaders in the field of immersive innovation, Flint Systems are forging new ground in fusing groundbreaking VR training with finely crafted hardware that sets the standard for high grade simulation. We are proud to be the first to bring this solution to the UK market.”

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