True Course Simulations ventured to the vibrant landscapes of India to make a transformative impact in the field of pilot training. 

During the week of 20 November 2023, the company successfully installed two Virtual Reality Immersive Training Devices (ITDs) at the flight training centers of its newest partner, the Flight Simulation Technique Centre (FSTC). The flight training centers are located in Narnaul and Bhiwani in the Indian State of Haryana.

True Course Simulations designed the ITDs to revolutionize how ab initio (beginner) students learn fundamental flying skills. The primary focus of these devices is to impart crucial “stick and rudder” skills, ensuring a more robust preparation for actual flight lessons.

This hands-on approach aims to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world flying experience, a core mission of True Course Simulations since its inception in 2011. 

Glen Ross, the company’s Director, Global Business Development, said True Course Simulations is excited about this expansion into India, a country known for its rich heritage and rapid technological advancements. “By introducing our state-of-the-art training devices here, we aim to contribute significantly to the growing aviation sector and the training of top-tier pilots in the region.” 

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