Women in Aviation Training (WiAT) kicked off 2024 with its first webinar of the year on Thursday, titled: "Why Don't More Women Work in Aviation?"

The engaging session featured knowledgable presenters Julie Brophy and Charlotte Eastwood from GateOne Consultancy, who led a thought-provoking exploration of cultural issues within the aviation industry.

During the collaborative session, attendees actively participated, contributing to discussions that delved into analysing behaviours and processes. Brophy and Eastwood provided valuable insights, addressing the need for cultural change in the aviation sector.

WiAT members had the opportunity to gain practical advice on questioning established practices with leaders and holding companies accountable to ensure that representation is not merely a buzzword but a fundamental policy for all.

As a special gesture, Julie and Charlotte generously shared their presentation with WiAT Forum members.

As part of our mission to increase the number of women in the aviation industry, we recognise the importance of fostering an inclusive and engaging culture.

If you haven't already, be sure to sign up for our forum to access this valuable information and stay tuned for more enriching events throughout the year.

Let's work together to build a more inclusive aviation industry for women!

WIAT Women in Aviation