The Airline Pilot Club (APC)  will continued its partnership with Colombian-based Avianca Group International Limited (Avianca) to enhance its flight training and recruitment processes. Together, they aim to introduce in the region an end-to-end approach to recruitment, training, and long-term development.

By leveraging APC's Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, AI technology and airline industry experience, this partnership will provide aviation professionals with an enhanced recruitment experience that goes beyond traditional methods. The focus is on building a resilient pilot body and driving sustainable growth, while addressing challenges such as sustainability, diversity, and profitability.

"We believe it's time for the aviation industry to adopt an end-to-end approach to pilot recruitment and training," said Andy O'Shea, CEO of Airline Pilot Club. "Our partnership with Avianca demonstrates our commitment to driving real change in the industry. By combining our proven smart recruitment technology with AI, we can foster sustainability, diversity, and empower all stakeholders in this dynamic field."

This collaboration between APC and Avianca sets a new benchmark in the region, showcasing the power of innovative solutions in meeting the evolving needs of airlines and aviation professionals.