The Airline Pilot Club’s membership has exceeded the 20,000 mark, a milestone it believes is a testament to the effectiveness of the APC ecosystem, which synergizes aspiring pilots, premier flight training, and leading airlines, fostering mutual success and growth.

The APC Airline-Ready Pilot Pool offers a platform that aligns with the evolving needs of the aviation industry, providing airlines with access to a vetted, skilled, and diverse talent pool. It enhances pilot recruitment by connecting airlines with a skilled and diverse pilot workforce, which it believes fundamentally transforms the selection process.

The APC believes its ecosystem has proven to be an attractive proposition for airlines, leading to strategic partnerships designed to address the global pilot shortage through quality assurance, support systems, and ATS SaaS platform capabilities.

Complementing this, APC's end-to-end solution offers a comprehensive response to the global pilot shortage, integrating extensive training and recruitment strategies.

Through airline partnerships such as the one announced with Avianca last month and future announcements in the next few weeks, APC leverages advanced technology to refine pilot training and recruitment, setting new industry benchmarks.

APC believes the surge in membership and the expansion of airline partnerships underscore its pivotal role in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable future for aviation professionals. These milestones bear great significance for all stakeholders, including APC members, flight training school partners, and future airline collaborators, marking a new chapter in aviation training and career development.

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