3D perception has successfully completed the upgrade of the Visual Display System (VDS) for two marine crane simulators at Heerema's Simulation Center. The project, aimed at enhancing realism and performance, involved the integration of the latest laser projection technology and 3DP's proprietary precision auto alignment system, StarScan.

The Heerema Simulation Center, an onshore facility, replicates real-time offshore environments, allowing for the seamless integration of proposed project activities into a realistic 3D world of operations. The upgrade was necessitated by the diminishing visual display quality of the existing simulators, which were equipped with 14 lamp-based projectors approaching the end of their service life.

The scope of the upgrade included the replacement of outdated technology with the latest laser projection technology, resulting in a reduction of the number of projectors from 14 to 10, and the incorporation of 3DP's StarScan for precise auto alignment. This comprehensive upgrade significantly improved image fidelity, brightness, and sharpness, while ensuring ease of maintenance and long-term performance.

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