Indra has completed the purchase of 65% of Global Training Aviation (GTA), thus securing 100% of its capital and becoming one of the few companies in the world capable of covering the business’s entire value chain, from the development of cutting- edge simulators and training systems to the provision of training services for civilian and military pilots.

 According to Rafael Junco, Indra’s Head of Simulation, the operation “will increase our ability to define a much more solid and stable long-term growth strategy for the simulation business and allow us to forge closer ties with end clients, the airlines and defence ministries to whom we will provide first-rate service through GTA, a company specializing in pilot and cabin crew training and certified by the world’s major aviation authorities.”

Indra will also drive GTA’s growth in order to increase its business share in strategic markets and capture the growth potential of the civil aviation training services market in Asia, Europe and Latin America. To do so, it has defined a growth plan that includes the supply of new training devices, the consolidation of the existing offices and the company’s international expansion, maintaining the brand, identity and structure which are so highly renowned in the market.

Indra believes this acquisition will also bring sufficient visibility in terms of demand to enable Indra to speed up the development of the next-generation technologies set to shape the future of the industry.

Indra has maintained a close relationship with GTA since 2009, when the latter company acquired the first civil aircraft flight simulators manufactured by Indra for the ATR 72-500 and, later, Airbus A320 models.

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