Coptersafety is upgrading their TRU Odyssey H AW169 Full Flight Simulator to Avionics phase 8. The simulator is estimated to be ready by the Q4 of 2024.

Head of FSTD at Coptersafety, Toni Rönnberg, said “I’m pleased to announce that Coptersafety is upgrading its TRU AW169 FFS to the latest Avionics phase 8 this year. This will ensure our customers can use the latest avionics and features to support their training.”

The TRU Odyssey H AW169 full flight simulator is Coptersafety’s most recent simulator, installed in 2020 and operational since early 2021. With the increasing use of the AW169 aircraft by operators, the company believes the upgrade to Avionics phase 8 will provide a higher evel of training for current and future customers.

Due to the lengthy process of upgrading the avionics in a full flight simulator, Coptersafety’s AW169 full flight simulator will be unavailable for training starting from April of 2024.

The AW169 full flight simulator with Avionics phase 8 is scheduled to be ready by Q4 of 2024. The upgraded full flight simulator will initially be authorized by EASA and UK CAA, followed by the FAA and Transport Canada, and others as required.

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