Sweden’s wait is over. The protocols, formalities and other processes are quickening in pace, permitting the nation to become the fully-vested 32nd member of the NATO alliance.

While the author defers to the NATO bureaucratic processes to advance, it’s time for a quick survey of another aspect of this major alliance development: how the nation’s S&T industry and defense forces have the opportunity to expand and solidify their presence in the alliance’s military training programs and mission and business activities.

On the industry side, MS&T has watched Sweden’s S&T industry expand and mature through the last several decades – as noted through the prism of these three companies. 

In one case, Saab’s training portfolio is expanding in terms of products and services, and customer base. Most recently this author reported on Saab’s MCTIS (Marine Corps Training Instrumentation System) going through final stages of testing before delivery to the US Marine Corps customer.   

A second S&T business, Pitch Technologies, has products and services enabling training for multi-domain operations and more-focused activities, including Royal Air Force’s Gladiator program.  

And not for defense only, may be a mantra for Tobii. The Sweden-based company’s eye-tracking and other technologies are supporting training in events for learners in the military and adjacent high-risk sectors.


Military Capabilities

The Swedish Armed Forces are maintaining a brisk pace of activities, in diverse military missions in and beyond the nation’s borders. This February 28, the department website listed nine missions its individuals and units were supporting around the globe. Of greater relevance and significance, the Sweden’s military is concurrently being integrated into NATO’s Steadfast Defender, the largest alliance exercise in decades.

MS&T will continue following the progress of Sweden’s companies and military forces as they continue to increase their profile across the S&T community.    

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