AIXR is thrilled to announce its partnership with Halldale, a niche B2B media organisation dedicated to enhancing safety critical training globally. This strategic collaboration is poised to deliver immense value to members of both entities.

 Key Points:

  • AIXR and Halldale unite to empower safety critical training communities worldwide with XR technologies.
  • Members benefit from exclusive discounts, networking opportunities, and heightened visibility.
  • Partnership entails mutual support across events, social media, and educational resources.

This alliance signifies a pivotal moment in the integration of XR technologies within safety critical training. By leveraging the combined expertise and resources of AIXR and Halldale, the partnership aims to drive innovation, efficiency, and safety across various industries.

Through this collaboration, members of AIXR and Halldale will enjoy a range of benefits, including a 20% discount for Halldale's event tickets offered to AIXR members,and Halldale members will benefit from a 15% discount on XR Awards entries and tickets. The partnership also includes mutual promotion through both organisation’s marketing channels, and speaking opportunities to foster community engagement and growth. 

"Collaborating with AIXR allows us to amplify our reach and impact within the safety critical training community, driving innovation and enhancing training effectiveness”, said Andy Smith, President of Halldale. “Our partnership with AIXR marks a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionise safety critical training through cutting-edge XR technologies”.

"Our partnership with Halldale represents a significant stride toward integrating XR technologies into safety critical training," stated Daniel Colaianni, Chief Executive of AIXR. "Together, we aim to empower professionals worldwide with the tools and resources needed to enhance training effectiveness and ensure safety."

Members, ticket holders and interested parties can learn more about the partnership benefits and get involved by visiting the AIXR and Halldale websites.


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