ALSIM is thrilled to announce the successful installation of the first Airliner simulator in Australia, at Flight Training Adelaide’s Parafield campus.

The AIRLINER is a simulator catering for the end of the ab initio training for courses such as MCC, APS MCC, and screening preparation for Airlines.

The versatile simulator is inspired by many different single-aisle aircraft. Its generic flight model is based on new computational fluid dynamics offering a similar experience as FFS level D.

On top of this, the AIRLINER represents the latest technology available in modern aircraft with similar automation and flight management systems. The simulator is equipped with a two-seater cockpit and instructor station plus observer’s seats and is the perfect training tool for students to learn how to work as a team and acquire the necessary skills in leadership, decision-making, and communication. 

Pine Pienaar, Chief Executive Officer of Flight Training Adelaide, said: “FTA is delighted to take ownership of our first ALSIM device. Our interaction with ALSIM has been very positive and the collaboration from ordering to delivery has been a positive experience. We would recommend ALSIM as a simulator option to anybody looking to introduce a simulator for the purpose of MCC training into their training syllabus.”

Audrey Jeffroy, ALSIM Sales Director, emphasized: “We are very glad that Flight Training Adelaide has chosen ALSIM. They are now the first Australian school equipped with the Airliner. We thank them for their confidence, and we are looking forward to pursuing our collaboration.”