Avsoft International has entered into a partnership with Sky Lease Cargo, which will utilize Avsoft's Learning Management System, avLMS, to deliver B747-400 freighter initial and recurrent training to its pilots.

The B747-400 Freighter aircraft systems course was just released by Avsoft International last month, adding to its portfolio of aviation training programs.

In addition to B747-400 training, Sky Lease Cargo will have access to Avsoft's entire General Subjects library, which includes courses like Dangerous Goods, Fatigue Management, and RVSM. This partnership will ensure that Sky Lease Cargo's pilots receive comprehensive and up-to-date training to maintain the highest safety standards in their operations. 

Sky Lease Cargo's Miami International Airport facility includes a 235,000 sq. ft dry cargo warehouse equipped with 60 loading dock bay doors, as well as a 160,000 sq. ft cooler, the largest of its kind within any North American airport, according to Avsoft . Additionally, the Miami location boasts the sole hangar capable of accommodating a 747-400 for maintenance, providing over 105,000 sq. ft. of dedicated maintenance space.

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