BAE Systems has added Topaz Intelligence, LLC to its Modeling & Simulation Solutions (M&SS) portfolio to provide intelligence-as-a-service to drive decision making for its customers. M&SS provides military customers with wargaming capabilities and operational readiness planning within the Intelligence & Security sector.

Since 2013, Topaz Intelligence has developed and delivered fully commercial custom intelligence solutions for customers in the commodities trading, manufacturing, insurance, and research and analytics industries. The business removes technical complexity and scaling barriers for its customers by delivering decision-ready intelligence and advisory services. Topaz Intelligence takes a consulting-style approach to solution design and delivery of intelligence products for decision support.

Large-scale enterprises and militaries collect diverse data from internal and external systems, including customer data. Topaz Intelligence leverages this data to improve outcomes for their customers and invests in innovation for products and features. The business assists customers in capitalizing data to enhance their supply chain, adapt to disruptions, and monitor environmental impact, ultimately driving capital growth. Topaz Intelligence collaborates with its customers to understand their problems, uses data from the customer, complements it with additional industry data, and integrates and analyzes it to produce solutions.

 “This pairing strengthens and expands our offerings with the Topaz Intelligence team’s ability to transform volumes of disparate data points into trends, insights, outcomes and decisions,” said Peder Jungck, vice president and general manager of Modeling & Simulation Solutions for BAE Systems. “The challenges facing both our government and commercial customers and the data available to them today are vast. Our team is now better able to help connect them to meaningful data and turn it into actionable intelligence using best-in-class analytics and AI methodologies.”

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