The inaugural kaizen meeting at the U.S. Navy Recruiting Command in Millington, Tennessee, focused on encouraging medical and science recruits for Navy Medicine.

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning change for the better or continuous improvement. It is a structured approach focusing on identifying and eliminating roadblocks that hinder a process. This event specifically tackled challenges in recruiting qualified personnel for Navy Medicine.

During the event, a collaborative team comprised of BUMED and NRC personnel brainstormed methods to improve Navy Medicine’s recruiting strategy. Key areas of focus included: identifying and highlighting career paths within Navy Medicine; streamlining the application process for potential recruits; and developing targeted outreach programs to attract top talent.

The team formulated a comprehensive plan to address these areas, which will be implemented by Navy Medicine in the coming months.

“Our Navy needs highly skilled physicians, dentists, nurses, corpsmen, and other medical professionals to care for Sailors, Marines, and their families,” said Rear Adm. Rick Freedman, Deputy Surgeon General, Navy Medicine. “The work we do directly contributes to the Chief of Naval Operation’s priorities of Warfighting, Warfighters, and building the Foundation that supports them. This kaizen event was a fantastic opportunity to partner with Navy Recruiting Command and explore innovative solutions to enhance our recruiting efforts.”

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