entrol has installed its H15 FTD 3 simulator in the facilities of Air Greenland, the flag carrier of this region which is based in Nuuk.

The H15 FTD 3 simulator is based on the EC 155 model and includes technical features tailored to provide an immersive and effective training experience, according to entrol.

This unit, which will be certified as FTD Level 3, is equipped with vibration simulation and an external mirror.

The visual system of this flight simulator is characterized by its spherical display with a field of view of 200 degrees by 70 degrees. The simulator includes specialized enhancements such as high-resolution areas with geo-specific terrain and satellite imagery covering 20 km x 20 km, as well as a general area spanning 500 km x 500 km. Additionally, counts on a rich range of 3D objects and areas, including elevated helipads, mountain spurs, water areas, and iconic landmarks, which further enrich the training environment.

The simulator also includes an external hoist operating station with virtual reality capabilities and motorized cable operation. This company believes this addition enhances training realism and effectiveness, particularly for missions such as search and rescue, offshore operations, and mountain rescue scenarios.

Installation, certification and the start of training activities have already taken place.

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