Peconic Bay Medical Center (PBMC) has opened the Kanas Family Simulation Lab, an advanced training facility for nurses and medical professionals. The space is equipped with simulation technology designed to educate clinical staff so they can hone their skills and prepare for a wide range of complex medical scenarios.

The simulation lab is named in honor of the generous contribution by the Kanas Family and was celebrated with a commemorative ribbon cutting ceremony attended by PBMC staff and John and Elaine Kanas. As the only simulation lab of its kind available in Eastern Suffolk County, this facility represents a significant milestone in the hospital’s commitment to delivering patient care through advanced training and professional development.

The Kanas Family Simulation Lab at PBMC features a high-fidelity simulation mannequin that replicates life-like responses to offer staff a chance to practice in a realistic patient environment. The mannequin closely resembles human anatomy and responds verbally, imitating a real human patient. The room is equipped just as a real patient room would be, with defibrillator and IV equipment to complete real-life simulations on the mannequin. Among the mannequin’s capabilities, medical teams using the center can listen to lung and heart sounds that follow human patterns—and fluctuate based on diagnosis—do CPR and use defibrillation technology to create a simulated code with vital signs. Moreover, observers monitoring the training sessions will be able to control the mannequin’s reactions to offer the most realistic experience possible.

In addition to professional development, the lab will also be used extensively as part of PBMC’s nurse residency program as a means of introducing nurses to new situations in a low-risk environment. PBMC leadership also envisions the simulation center serving as an effective recruitment tool, as aspiring clinicians and medical professionals from other hospitals will travel to PBMC to use this technology.

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