Aequilibrium, a digital consulting and implementation services company, has launched a virtual reality (VR) training program designed for Ent Credit Union, serving Colorado’s Front Range. This collaboration leverages the latest in VR technology to enhance the skills and effectiveness of Member Service Representatives (MSRs).

Ent Credit Union sought to innovate and improve the training experience for its MSRs. Aequilibrium provided a training solution that combines VR and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the learning process, making it more engaging, realistic, and effective.

Traditional role-playing exercises, while beneficial, often suffer from scalability and consistency issues. Recognizing these challenges, Aequilibrium develop a VR training program that offers a dynamic and user-centric solution. This program addresses these issues and introduces a more effective way to develop the soft skills necessary for leading successful sales conversations.

Through lifelike scenarios, MSRs were able to practice and refine their communication, problem-solving and sales techniques, preparing them for various real-world situations.

The program emphasized learning through doing, where trainees become actors in their training, engaging directly with the content.

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