CAE has signed a multi-year agreement with Wizz Air to equip the airline with its Operations Control and Crew Management software, part of CAE's suite of Flight Operations platform. Wizz Air will also implement CAE's Recovery Manager solutions for operational and crew disruptions.

The agreement includes CAE's Operations Control - a comprehensive, real-time, scalable, and adaptable operations management system. CAE believes it empowers operational controllers by facilitating faster and easier management, communication, and recovery processes. CAE's Crew Management solution enables airlines to optimize schedules, forecast crew resources, maintain safety standards, and recover from disruptions.

"Its tailored capabilities promise scalability for years ahead,” said Michael Delehant, Wizz Air’s Executive Vice President & Group Chief Operations Officer. “This innovative solution is set to revolutionize our operations, accelerating processes, and ultimately become a cornerstone of efficiency for our company."

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