Egnatia Aviation and Iraqi Airways have renewed their longstanding collaboration indefinitely, making Egnatia the continuous exclusive training partner for the airlines.

Their partnership began back in February 2018 for full commercial pilot training of 82 cadets, which now have all graduated and are currently employed by the airline. To date, there are now more than 100 self-sponsored cadets who have joined the school and are registered for the Iraqi Airways course.

Egnatia will continue to provide training from zero up to commercial pilot license level for EASA, as per Iraqi Airways standards – which are higher both in theory and in flight phases in terms of minimum requirements by EASA.

Cadets will train on a full Diamond fleet that meets the needs of modern airlines, including a glass cockpit and airline call-outs. Egnatia currently owns 18 aircraft and four simulators for both IR and APS MCC phases, with five new aircraft and another simulator on the way. The academy is currently researching ways extended reality can be implemented into its training process.